Our loudspeakers

We build loudspeakers on an order basis. They are available in any RAL colour with any painted or padded baffle. The CNO Grand is in birch plywood with a black MDF baffle. The new Scan-Speak Ekta Grand in white MDF has a new leather baffle on the left. Because of low overhead and marketing costs, pricing is competitive with production speakers of large audio companies like Dynaudio, Focal, PMC, Audio Physics and Monitor Audio.

Seas CNO Grand                                                          Scan Speak Ekta Grand

Varnished with extra matte parquet lacquer with whitening..   IMG_7195.jpeg

Scan Speak Discovery 861                                         Morel Transmission line

Discovery 861.   IMG_6749.jpeg

Scan Speak Ophelia                                                      Wavecor  Against all Odds

Scan Speak Ophelia Upgrade    IMG_6755.jpeg