The Scan Speak Discovery 861

A modest priced floor standing from Troels Gravesen with Discovery Scan Speak drivers. In relation to price-quality a very good result. I builded these loudspeakers during Christmas time 2020.

This design is my first project from Troels Gravesen. A simple and nice-looking floor-standing loudspeaker with a small footprint. The bass reflex port is below the surface. This is convenient in placing this speaker near the back wall. 

Here is the link to the site Troels

Discovery 861.  

It is a 2/5 way system presenting a very pleasant stereo image, a little bit warm compared to the Seas CNO Grand and the Morel Transmission line. The combination with the Lejonklou Boaze integrated amplifiers makes a natural topper below 5000 euros. This set will be difficult to compete with. 

The building process is pretty straightforward. The baffle is stepped as you can see in several designs Troels.