Scan Speak Ekta Grand details

The new Scan Speak Ekta Grande in white RAL 7010 with the leather mdf baffle.

The new Scan Speak Ekta Grande with Scan Speak drivers is ready and playing. A very lovely grande Scan Speak project of Troels Gravesen. Interested to see how this pure Scan Speak floor-standing loudspeaker will compete with the CNO Grande. 

IMG_7195.jpeg    IMG_7129.jpeg

IMG_7112.jpeg.  IMG_7132.jpeg

Different from the Seas CNO Grand. A bit more bass, a little wider sound stage, more depth, and some warmer presentation. The tweeter is delivering a very nice open sound. That was one of the reasons for building this loudspeaker after the CNO Grand. The Seas CNO is a little bit cleaner. 

Matching is essential with the Ekta. Just don't use a warmer loudspeaker or a tube amplifier. This could be too much. But a real success when matching is ok. For example, playing with the Spec is excellent. Also, the Lejonklou Boazu is the matching perfect because of the high sensitivity of the Ekta, about 91 dB. 

IMG_6955.jpeg    IMG_7099.jpeg


The drivers came from the Klang und Ton Ophelia also with Scan-Speak drivers.