Required components

What is needed to use a headphone to kisten. to hifi in a really enjoyable way ? Which components make a real good headphone setup ?

Starting with a headphone

Before starting with a headphone, and listening to music which steps to take? 

  1. What kind of source are you going to use? (CD-player, streaming from a music server, streaming via Tidal of Qobuz of Vinyl ?)
  2. What kind of Dac do you use? (Your headphone amplifier needs to be fed with an analog signal. Streamingservices offer diensten digital output. So you need a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) to convert the digital signal to an analog signal. 

Which components are necessary using a headphone for good audio listening? 

Components in order: 

  1. Music-server with ripped cd's or with a connection to Tidal, Qobuz, or Spotify
  2. Streamer which can render the music stream
  3. Digital Audio Converter (DAC)
  4. Headphone amplifier

These components can exist independently, or they can be combined in several ways—for example, a headphone amplifier with the DAC, for example, in de T+A component. 

 kunnen elk zelfstandig bestaan in de audio-installtie maar kunnen in verschillende vormen ook gecombinerd worden. Zo kan een streamer vaak ook gecombineerd worden in de Dac. 

Ad 1. 

Een muziekserver is in veel gevallen een zelfstandige component maar ook de streamingfunctionaliteit kan in de server verwerkt zijn. Een voorbeeld hiervan is een Innuos-server.