A restoration of a Thorens TD160

Started with restoring a Thorens TD160 turntable with a new plint.

My first renovated Thorens with a plint of three layors of 21 mm birk plywood plint. The tone arm has received new tone arm wires with a Nagaoka MM MP200 cartridge, a new power inlet connector and new rca connectors for the unbalanced interlink with the phono pre amplifier.   

Thorens Td160 Nr 3

Started to use the new phono pre amplifier from Lejonklou. 

Lejonklou Boazu

At the top left side the Lejonklou pre amplifier. 

Thorens TD 160 Nr 3

This white TD160 is made up from three layers of 19 mm MFD. Painting this pint white takes about six layers of paint but with a beautiful result.