Ferrum Oor Headphone amplifier

The review of the new Ferrum Headphone amplifier.

Last week on Friday I received the package from Piet de Vries AudioTweaks. I didn't know what to expect from this new device. I have read some good reviews but not always in your own setup, the same results appear. In my current setup, I was using a Audio GD Master 9 preamplifier and headphone amplifier for more than two years. In my imagination, this is a very good class A amplifier. Although it is pretty large in my audio rack, it's playing quite nicely. One of the advantages of this amplifier is a wealthy number of inputs. Two balanced XLR inputs and two unbalanced RCA inputs. That gives a lot of flexibility testing all sorts of input devices like two phono preamplifiers and two different Dac's. 


Piet asked me if I would like to test also the extra additional external power supply, the Hypsos. Audio magazines are very enthusiastic bout this power supply. So I agreed to test also this component. 

My first impressions with the Oor and Hypsos comped to the Audio GD 9. It is really amazing what this new headphone amplifier is bringing. I didn't expect such a high improvement in sound and experience:

  • improved positioning between instruments
  • less smearing of the musical instruments. They are more distinguishable.
  • tighter bass
  • much more transparency
  • more close presentation
  • stereo image is wider and deeper
  • high is very refined and detailed.

It's like the curtains are more open than before. 

Comparing the Ferrum Oor with the Topping A90.