Comparing the Scan Speak Ophelia with the Seas CNO Grande

I have built the CNO Grande and upgraded my current Ophelia's with new crossover components of Michael Dahl Jantzen

I am pleased with his advice on the Ophelia Crossover.

You can see both loudspeakers in my pictures.


I can't give you the CNO Grande crossover schema because they have copyrights on it from Troels Gravesen en Michael. If you would like to build the CNO I can only advise you to Michael. His service is top, and I don't think you can find much cheaper a kit elsewhere. 

As for the sound of both loudspeakers, I can't compare them to an open baffle speaker. I haven't built such type of loudspeakers. In the Klang und Ton regularly, I read about designs.  

What about the sound of both loudspeakers?
The Ophelia is more direct, with more speed and dynamics, but lacks some bass. The CNO is more complete with a very nice bass presentation and a wide sound stage. I think still the better floor standing, but also 1500 euros more to build per pair. 
This winter I will build the Scan Speak Ekta Grande with the drivers of the Ophelia and the extra Scan Speak mid driver. 
I think this loudspeaker will be a better competitor for the CNO Grand. Especially the Scan Speak Byrillium tweeter has more to offer in a different concept.