An unbalanced interlink

Making an unbalanced interlink with Neutric rca connectors.

I started making more and more my own cables. This is just trial and error and a lot of googling finding examples of DIY-made cables. 

In this set, I am using the Neutrix RCA connectors. These are very nice connectors you can buy at Not very expensive, so a nice start. 

The bulk cable I use is the Sommer double-shielded cable with two wires.   

 SC - ALBEDO MKII   1*2*0,20mm2 (AWG14) double shielded by SOMMER CABLE Germany. Audiophonics can also order this cable. 

Unbalanced interlink

I make this cable for all kinds of unbalanced interlinks. With a separate ground wire, I am also using this for an interlink between mt Thorens turntables and the Pho preamplifier.  

Neutrik RCA connectors

When you start soldering this cable, be aware of the upstream and downstream sides of this cable. You can see this with the arrows on the cable. On the upstream side, you have to connect the shield with the null wire of the cable.