Headphone amplifiers

A list of headphone amplifiers on the market. We don't pretend to be complete. It's just a list of brands we see in audio magazines and on several headfi sites.

A list lowering in price.

A few options of headphone amplifiers with an integrated Dac: 

A choice of an amplifier with or without a Dac depends on your situation at home in your setup. If you already have a good Dac, the pure headphone amplifier is the best choice. But it also depends on the placement of the headphone amplifier. Most headphone amplifiers don't have a remote device. One point to mention is that the development of Dacs within the digital domain is developing very fast. With a separated Dac it is simple to change to a different dac in near future. 

The T+A headphone amplifier can be regarded as one of the best but with a price of 6600 euro. But also Benchmark HAP4 can be regarded as one of the best amplifiers. I started with the Topping A90 amplifier with a reasonable price of about 600 euro.