The renovation of a Lenco L75

The Lenco L75 was renovated with new tonearm wiring, and completely refitted. Fifty years old but playing like a new one. A real competitor for the Thorens TD160 and TD125. More complex but doable.

A first impression of the renovation with a new plinth, and three layers of 22 mm high-density MDF. The result is really lovely. 

IMG_6034.jpeg   IMG_6426.jpeg   

IMG_6037.jpeg.  IMG_6425.jpeg

A Lenco has a very nice brake system when the turntable is turned off. 

Brake is down when playing

I have replaced the tonearm wires straight from the cartridge to the phone stage. No connectors are between this signal path.


Each side has 3 cm. 


Mounting the base plate to the plinth with a permanent joint.



The beginning of my new project, the Lenco L75. Is it as easy as renovating the Thorens TD160?



The bottom side with the removed bottom plate. 


The attachment of the tonearm to the bottom of the plateau with a hexagonal nut. This can be unscrewed and then the arm can be easily removed from the platform. A fairly simple operation.


To remove the top plate from the plinth you have to remove the two screws in the middle-lower part of the plateau.

That's all. It won't be easier than that. 


Started with the rewiring of the arm. Part 1 is simple but to the second part is more complicated.